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You heard about the Women's Venture Fund ! Women Collective is the re-branded fund. A way for Haute Elan to give back. As you know we believe with success comes great responsibility and the Women Collective is our first effort in providing women around the world with a hub to work from, a team to learn and procure advice from and what we hope will grow into a pool of financial capital for them too.

- By becoming a Women Collective member you will be giving back a huge amount. Your support helps us to curate more great events for the community of women entrepreneurs.
- In return, aside from the satisfaction of supporting female entrepreneurs, you will receive 10% off all purchases at Haute Elan anytime and exclusive access to a host of events.
By joining today, you will be invited to all our future events hosted by Haute Elan. Events are on a first come first served basis and you as a member will get priority access.
- As a member, you  can sponsor an event in the boutique or contribute towards events by donating that would help us to engage and support the creative women entrepreneur community.
- After your one month of joining, you will be contacted to see if you want to join the monthly direct debit program.
- There's talk of a beauty bar being launched on site too so look out for this! The more demand, the quicker it will launch. So let us know your feedback!

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