Mink Eyelashes – The Natural Set

Mi-In Lashes

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Mi-In Lashes

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59.98 GBP
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Great for a first time eyelash wearer, they are easy to apply, super comfortable and very long lasting! This set offers you a great variety of lashes that accentuate the shape of your eyes in a natural way. Switch up the way your lashes look accordingly to the occasion !  

- The Natural set contains 4 eyelashes:
  • Maui – Long and Feathery – provides length and flutter.
  • Santorini – Longer at the outer corners – exaggerates a cat eye.
  • Capri – Longer in the middle – opens up the eyes and allows them to look rounder.
  • Jeju – Thicker at the lashline – provides you with a lot of volume at the lash line with a little bit of length.
- 100% natural fur which is cruelty-free
- Hypo-allergenic
- Lightweight
- Flexible
- Comfortable to wear
- Can be worn up for 25 times.

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