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Sarah's Bag

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Sarah's Bag

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316.00 GBP
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Enliven your off-duty favourites or cocktail dress with this striking, versatile clutch. Printed with lush tropical foliage and topped with our signature embracing lovebirds clasp, it helps you transition seamlessly and stylishly from day to night. Our Clutch Me bags are perfect for women who like their handbags big and their style statements even bigger.

Size: Width 36cm / Height 22cm / Depth 6cm
Material: Fabric (100% Polyester Print) - Lining (75% PVC And 25% Polyester) - Trim (100% Sheep Leather) - Shell (Aluminum) - Tag (Brass) -Clasp (Collectible Plastic Hand Painted Birds).
Weight: 700g

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