Jamila Abaya


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59.50 GBP
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This gorgeous abaya turns every women into a princess. The soft pastel colors matches all skin tones. The white underslip is attached to the abaya. If you wish to wear only as an open jacket abaya without the underslip, simply throw over as a normal open jacket, while the underlap gets nicely tucked at the back. Wear it with a belt or without.  Lace with gem detailed trimming along the front of the abaya and goes around the neck and wrists. 

Extra information regarding the sizes; one size fits all, but there is a difference in the length.

54 for ladies till 1.60 cm

56 for ladies till 165 cm

58 for ladies till 170 cm

60 for ladies till 175 cm

NOTE: If you want to wear the abaya with heels, we recommend you size up one size!

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