Kiss The Moon

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Kiss The Moon

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BEAUTIFUL SLEEP:  Deliciously scented citruses and florals combine to chase away anxiety and encourage a positive spirit so you go to bed full of optimism.  With Litsea oil with a scent similar to lemongrass – used in Chinese medicine to calm the mind and spirit. All infused in Epsom and Dead Sea salts, - magnesium sulphate salt – the sleep-inducing mineral helping the body make serotonin, creating a feeling of wellbeing and relaxation, perfect before bed


BEAUTIFUL SKIN: Skin softening oils from the orange tree work hand in hand with geranium and myrrh to heal and rebalance skin’s natural equilibrium.. Fine grade Epsom & Dead Sea Salts detox the body and soothe the skin, White Tea Leaves & White Tea Seed Oil provide an antioxidant boost and Coconut Seed Oil leaves the skin nourished & moisturised



Just drop one into a deep, warm bath and wait for the salts to melt and oils to infuse the water. When the muslin wrap floats to the surface your bath is ready. Step in, lie back, close your eyes and relax

CAUTION: Avoid contact with eyes. As with all aromatherapy products, best to check with your midwife before using during pregnancy

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