Ghida Multipurpose Box

Silsal Design

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Silsal Design

112.00 GBP

112.00 GBP
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Vintage-style glamour. There’s no more beautiful way to preserve your jewelry than this sleek acrylic box with heirloom quality. Enriched with the words ‘Al-Ikbal, Al-Baka’a, Al-Baraka, Al-Ishraq, Al-Iz, Al-Irtika’a, Al-Nour’, written on the box’s lid, the words translate to mean ‘Prosperity, Longevity, Blessings, Radiance, Glory, Poise, Light’.

- CARE INSTRUCTIONS : Using a soft water-damp cloth
- MATERIAL : Acrylic
- HEIGHT (CM) : 7
- LENGTH (CM) : 42
- UNIT : Single Unit
- COLOR : Black

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