Chamsa Pendant White Gold Diamond Pave Hand Necklace

Netali Nissim

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Netali Nissim

1,008.00 GBP

1,008.00 GBP
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The diamond pave hand by Netali Nissim is an exclusive piece and is the perfect gift for some one special. Featuring c.0.18 cts, the 'hand of Fatima' or literally '5' symbol of a hand is ancient symbol of protection and good luck for the person who wears it, and it is said to warn off all negative energy. The symbol is used by Christians and Jews also and called the 'hand of Mary' and 'hand of Miriam' consecutively referring to the mother of Jesus and the biblical sister of Moses and Aaron. 

- Crafted from 18kt white gold with diamonds
- Delicate chain link with lobster claw closure
- Featuring c.0.18 cts diamonds

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