Kiss The Moon

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Kiss The Moon

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Wide awake and need to sleep? Exam stressed and finding it hard to concentrate? Try applying our After Dark Balm to your wrists and temples. With hypnotic jasmine to quieten overactive minds. Still stressed? Then pull a card from this thoughtful deck compiled by the School of LIfe , and find inspiration on how to approach life’s frustrations and restore that CALM

Our After Dark Balms are a 100% natural combination of our signature essential oils with shea butter and white tea seed oil to give you a little touch of relaxation whenever you need it most 



Place a few drops onto your palm, gently rub your hands together to warm, breathe in the aroma then pat on to cleansed face and neck. Use nightly

Avoid contact with eyes. As with all aromatherapy products, best to check with your midwife before using during pregnancy

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