Black Swan Magnetic Hijab FabPin

Crystal Dream By Daiva

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Hijab Pin

Crystal Dream By Daiva

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21.00 GBP
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Fed up of making holes in your fabrics with a pin? The help is here! Revolutionary magnetic hijab pin that will protect your beautiful scarves. It can be used in a variety of ways, not only as a scarf pin but to fasten your cardigan/blouse/tie/sari or tighten your dress or simply to decorate anything you want to add some shine to, for example a belt/hat/purse. The possibilities are endless!

- Watch the Simple Hijab Tutorial Using Magnetic Pin (FabPin) by Crystal Dream
- Color: Black 
- Your FabPin is made out of two small but very strong magnets that are plated in 18k       pure gold and decorated with genuine Swarovski crystals.
- Each pin is exclusively handmade in the UK.
- Dimensions: 2 magnetic discs 12mm x 3mm.
- Comes packed in a beautiful Gift Box.
- By your purchase you confirm that you accept responsibility for the usage and care of     the magnetic FabPin. Please keep it away from children and never let it to be inhaled or   swallowed. Be aware that the magnet is a potential hazard to an individual with a heart   pacemaker. For full guidelines please refer to your FabPin packaging care card.

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