Sophia Benyahia Kaftan

Sophia Benyahia Kaftan a­re a range of luxury kaftans with a vibrant and modern aesthetic that simultaneously embody the traditional characteristics of the ancient costume dating back to the Moroccan-Andalucía era.

Steeped in rich cultural heritage from the shores of Morocco in Northern Africa, drawing on inspiration from historic designs and garments, the fresh and original concept offers women an exclusive line of kaftans.

Influenced by the traditional craftsmanship of Moroccan artisans, characteristics of their art can be found amongst the luxurious princess like garments, one of the principle design features in a Sophia Benyahia Kaftan, which are created in her private atelier.

Silhouettes which frame the female form in textured fabrics offer a modern woman an elegant taste of fashion and femininity, while maintaining a modest style with full length skirts and various sleeve lengths.

Creating a brand, which is expressive through construction, using exceptional materials and highly perfected intricate detail throughout each collection, the Sophia Benyahia Kaftan is for a woman who identifies with style and her heritage.