Rush & Reez

Riham and Rasha Hijazi are two sisters in their mid 20’s who have been wearing Hijab since their young years. They have always found it hard to choose garments that fit both their traditions and their modern fashion sense. Realizing that this is a concern of many ladies in the Arab region and many areas across the world, they started their own clothing line Rush & Reez to cater for the young, modest, and fashionable. The brand was among the winners of the Innovative Project Awards 2014 in the Design category and were chosen by Beirut Design Week, the MENA region's biggest design festival, to be featured in their annual emerging designer's event. Rush & Reez specializes in printed silk scarves with fresh and original patterns. Aside from the scraf collection, the brand offers a wide selection of Ready To Wear garments as well as delicate evening gowns and modern Abayas.