This is Festoun, from the East to the American style scene. A label that mergers dreams from two ends of the world and caresses our common denominator and fascination for femininity in its highest form of quality. The arrival of Festoun's  Collection brings a clad mixture of serene tones, attention to detail and a flow of elegance in the form of high quality fabrics and soft flowing textures. All of these features combined exude a classic and contemporary ensemble perfect for every special occasion. Through the use of delicate soft flowing silk chiffon, strategic seaming and the needs of women in mind the gowns create an elegant yet lightweight , flowing silhouette to flatter every kind of woman. The essence of our collections is that they can make any woman the center of attention, but in the most modest way possible. Clients in the past have described Festoun as a line which has solved their wardrobe needs and transforms concrete pavements into red carpets with their flowy grace.


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