Elan Bijoux

Elan Bijoux is an African-British brand that brings a juxtaposition of cultures and a fresh modern perspective to the world of luxury jewellery. Founded in 2014, Élan Bijoux collections cover a beautiful range of accessories from necklaces and bracelets to rings and earrings.

These creations unapologetically embrace the colour, depth and mystery of African culture and history but all with the innovative, cutting-edge design of an exciting, young jewellery brand. Incorporating hides, such as stingray leather due to its hardness, texture, luxury and durable qualities with gemstones and precious metals; pieces are guaranteed to be of high quality, unique & distinctive design that will last a lifetime.The philosophy of Élans' success lies in the belief  that every modern woman should feel beautiful, elegant and unique; wearing pieces as unique as she is. Élan strives to keep its customers’ fashion and shopping experience neoteric and enjoyable with an ever-evolving portfolio of unique pieces to contend with its ever-evolving customer.