Designed by Nasya Marissa, ALLURA offers a range of accessories with a touch of vintage for babies, teenagers and adults. It represents the beauty of flowers and other sweet elements. ALLURA combines flowers, beads, embroidery, ribbon, lace, silk and others which results in a unique, beautiful and one of a kind product.

ALLURA furthers the adventure of vision into form by adding the essence of exclusivity to the collection; there will be variation of special premium products. Drawing inspiration from handmade craft and thoughtful pieces, ALLURA’s premium collection emphasises on intricate details and total craftsmanship. ALLURA’s everlasting style continues as a symbol of elegance and classy style, it is specially designed to be your everlasting treasure. 

Another focus of the brand is to maintain traditional and handmade process of our handcrafted wearable products; therefore each piece is made with care and attention in order to get an exquisite result. ALLURA will always learn to create an outstanding easy-matching accent to any of your outfit.