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Summer Abaya Edit: How to Pull off the Abaya During the Summer Heat

Ways to master your Abaya fashion without breaking a sweat!

Summer, the season we all wait for is just around the corner, which means it is time to get rid of the big coats and scarves and get that new wardrobe ready!

We know for those who wear the Abaya times can be a difficult when you need a good cool down and all you hear is “Don’t you get hot underneath that?!”. Well that will no longer be an issue as we have come to you with our top 5 Abaya’s to look modest while not suffering from a heat stroke.


Farah Abaya (Baby Blue):

Sophistication is key for Faradje’s designs, which is exactly what the Farah Abaya masterpiece can offer you. The ruffles along the collar line which flows into a simple yet classy floor length Abaya gives it that extra finesse to accentuate its beauty. This is the perfect Abaya for the summer with its soft baby blue colour to add a splash of colour into your attire. The lightweight material and lose fitting sleeves is perfect for letting that summer breeze flow.


Charlotte Abaya (Royal Blue):

Floral patterns are THE must-have trend of the summer. Head to toe in floral can be a bit daunting for most, but the Charlotte Abaya offers the flawless alternative. The floral patchwork detailing along the right hand side adds the perfect amount of floral to your outfit without being too overwhelming. Bonus Tip! It can easily transition into a beautiful autumn piece.


RIMAH (Limited Edition):

If you are daring enough to go all out with floral patterns, then this limited edition Rimah Abaya by Salehabagas is the one for you. The black and gold floral embroidery makes it a gorgeous standout piece for any evening occasion, with its classy and elegant vibe. The lose fit ensures that you are both modest and fashionable for the occasion. The lace overlay creates the perfect ventilation for the hot temperatures and paired with the beading adds small touches of grace.


Lara Open Jacket Abaya:

If you’re looking for a more traditional every day outfit, then the Lara open jacket Abaya by Abaya Buth offers just that. The grey and black layering make it a lovely piece without grabbing too much attention. The white detailing along the seam gives the extra spark to make it look like you put in more effort than you actually did and adds a bit of colour to brighten up the outfit.


Ash Blue Pearl Abaya:

Who doesn’t love staying in their bathrobe all day long? Thanks to the amazing bathrobe trend that has taken the runways by storm this summer, you can do just that. Get this look and the comfort with the Ash Blue Pearl Abaya by Moumina. The waist wrap around gives it the ‘bathrobe’ look, but the tantalising pearls along the seam gives a chic and stylish vigour. 



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