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Brand of the Week - Jubbas

Male modest fashion is not nearly given as much attention as it deserves. This is an industry that is booming across the world, expanding across different horizons and opening up to many more people. Jubba's incorporates this new trend by intertwining fashion and modesty to produce stunning outfits for men. 

“I just wanted different challenges so I decided to join and develop this family business and create a clothing line based on modest fashion,’ explains Akil Desai, owner of Jubbas. Jubbas ensures to produce top quality items that are price correct. "The quality is never compromised.” 

Growing up in the North West of the UK, and starting off in telecommunications, the fashion industry was a massive change for Akil. “I wasn't into modest fashion so it was quite a change,” Akil says. “I base my designs off something that I would wear. I try to keep it simple and elegant. If I wouldn't wear it then I can't expect my customers to want to wear it either."

For Akil, being able to dress modestly while being fashionable means that you are able to fit into your community while upholding your values and without having fingers pointing at you. It allows everyone to be able to be comfortable within society and not feel secluded. 

Jubbas is one of the few companies that haven't experienced any issues in developing and sharing a modest clothing brand. “Everything is done thoroughly.” In fact, they have achieved many great accomplishments every since Akil expanded the business. “We were given the chance to merge with Al Noor, one of the biggest brands in Saudi.” Now having expanded in Saudi, South Africa and Canada, Akil is continuously looking on spreading modest fashion to the wider market. 

“There are those occasional few who look at modest fashion as Islamic fashion and believe in the stereotypes. We are trying to move it away from that concept and we try to educate them on what modest fashion truly is.”

Now Jubbas are aiming to come out with more collections and collaborations and break into more industries around the world. 

These are a few of our top picks from the Jubbas collection at Haute Elan: 

1. Grey and Black Collar Jubba

This simple grey Jubba is the perfect outfit for any formal and sophisticated occasion with its polished off collar and cuff detailing. 

2. Omani Jubba

Stitched using the best Korean fabric, this traditional white Jubba is both comfortable and wearable on an everyday occasion. The blue buttons adds the extra touches of detailing that makes this Jubba stand out. 

3. Black Tassel Kids Jubba 


This adorable mini Jubba, available for children aged between 5 to 12, is the ultimate Eid outfit.The tassel detail gives a fun vibe, with the black and gold making this a sophisticated piece for your little man. 




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